• Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in your body?
  • Maybe you’re starting to wonder if your favorite activities are causing issues in your body, or worried you might not be able to keep doing what you love?
  • Do you feel that having “good posture” takes a lot of effort?
  • Do you have pain that has never fully resolved?  Or problem areas that always seem troublesome?

We offer therapeutic bodywork sessions in:

– Anatomy Trains KMI Structural Integration including postural analysis and deep tissue myofascial therapy.
– Advanced Orthopedic Massage Therapy for assessment and treatment of pain patterns including low back pain, SI joint issues, hip pain, and shoulder/rotator cuff issues.
– Activated Isolated Stretching (AIS). A powerful method to improve flexibility wherever you have specific challenges.
– Deep Tissue, Relaxation, and Sports Massage

Our Philosophy

We tend to experience symptoms in areas of increased strain, where a vulnerability is already present. Our bodies carry layers of stresses and strains we’ve accumulated over time. Sometimes we know we have a “problem area,” but other times our tensions can be completely silent until they are found and released, and then we feel the relief of living life without them.

In our sessions, we address the “problem areas” you likely already know about, as well as uncover the areas of tension you may be carrying around without even knowing!
It is important to address not just the part, but the system as a whole.

When experiencing a new pain or injury, we tend to think it’s only due to recent activities.  For example, we assume a shoulder issue was the result of the way we picked up a heavy suitcase, or because we went swimming for the first time in a decade. Maybe we just can’t do what we used to do anymore.

However, unless an injury was due to a traumatic accident, there are a multitude of factors in play. The human body is an excellent strain distribution system, designed to keep us functioning as well as possible for as long as possible by spreading forces through the entire body.

“Age is the accumulation of restriction.” – Jean-Pierre Barral


What services do you offer?

We offer KMI Structural Integration therapy, and complimentary forms of bodywork that target connective tissue (also known as fascia). This includes Visceral Manipulation, other therapies originally derived from osteopathic methods (including neural and arterial work), as well as the Advanced Orthopedic work of Dr. Ben Benjamin.

What can I expect from a session?

We begin your first session with an intake. This covers any pertinent details about your history as well as your treatment goals.

We will then use one or more assessment techniques depending on the type of session: visual assessment of your posture, basic functional movements such as raising your arms or moving into a lunge position, or specific movements for orthopedic testing.

The majority of the bodywork for the session is completed on a massage table.  As we progress, we may begin working in a seated position, standing or in other functional positions relevant for your activities. We will typically also assess and work with your gait pattern.

How will this help me?

We take a system-wide approach, where we look at whole body patterns.  The goal of every session is to increase resiliency, so you’ll have more energy and ability to do what you love!

SI is best suited for working with strain patterns before they become injuries, helping to enhance the body’s efficiency, and addressing postural issues.

Visceral Manipulation can address scar tissue or adhesions stemming from surgery or inflammation, issues related to digestion, painful menstrual cycles, etc. as well as the ways in which organ adhesions may effect the rest of the body.

Advanced Orthopedic work is best suited for dealing with chronic and recurring pain and injuries as well as newer injuries (once you are cleared by your doctor for manual work).

Who does this benefit?

Everyone who would like to feel better and more balanced in their body, increase their flexibility, and decrease or resolve pain. We work with a wide array of needs and goals: professional and semi-professional athletes, those with a moderately active lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, as well as those living with chronic conditions or mobility challenges. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals.

How long are the sessions and often should I expect to come in?

In a Structural Integration series, there is a set number of sessions. These sessions can be scheduled anywhere from 1-3 weeks apart. Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Individual bodywork or massage sessions are also 90 minutes long.  It is also possible to schedule 60 minute sessions to address a very specific issue.

Visceral Manipulation sessions are 60 minutes long and should be scheduled at least 2 weeks apart.

Orthopedic sessions are shorter but more frequent.  These can also be combined with other sessions, depending on your individual needs.