Joanna is a marvel. She has greatly helped me in improving my posture, stance and walk as well as relieving sporadic pain. I had visited three PTs before I finally found her. Every session is a lesson in the human anatomy and her holistic approach ensures nothing gets missed.
-Paul W.

A recent knee replacement left me with extensive scar tissue that made bending my knee difficult and painful. Joanna and Joseph spent two hours working to release the scar tissue with an incredibly gentle, pain free approach. Subsequently I spent two months receiving intense massage at physical therapy. I found the gentle approach to be just as effective functionally and far easier to tolerate.
– B.D.

I have definitely noticed some positive changes since our last session. I feel like I have a better understanding of what’s going on in my lower back and hips. It’s like I suddenly understandd how I should adjust and engage my right side to keep things from hurting. I did a pain-free back workout on Friday, and I was even able to do backbends from standing with my arms overhead. I haven’t been able to do that with the arms overhead for the entire way down in quite a while due to pain, so that was pretty amazing =) I am excited to see what happens next!
– T.M. (professional contortionist)

I can put all my weight on my leg again!
– M.S.

After each session I had notable breakthroughs in my yoga practice. I was either more stable in a very challenging position or could accomplish a pose I had never been able to before.
– M.L.

I feel like things released that I’ve always needed released.
– J.W.

I worked with Joseph Welch,BCSI,LMT for a year in “one off” bodywork/massage sessions in which Joseph incorporated structural integration into our work together to help begin to ease chronic pain and fatigue. He invited me to first do 3 sessions of KMI and then the 12 session series.

I had no idea of the possibilities for change in my body as a survivor of paralytic polio and trauma. I noticed many changes happening after three sessions of KMI. I felt grounded and began to stand on my own two feet.

After the 12 session series, I can breathe more deeply, move more freely, and have space in my body where once I experienced only chronic pain. I feel grounded and strong yet softer able to initiate movement in my body with greater ease as opposed to forcing my body to move. The chronic fatigue I experienced for decades is gone. Through the work we released a toe contracture on my left foot. I regained a neuromuscular connection to my left foot and ankle mobility.

Joseph’s gentleness, professionalism, compassion and warmth put me completely at ease as I stood before him in my sports bra and full coverage underwear. He focused on my strengths as he took photos before each session. We all tend to judge our bodies and believe there is some ideal posture to attain.

Joseph’s non-judgmental and supportive approach to the body reading let me know that this is a journey of adventure and exploration. I did not need to be fixed. He was my guide as I connected with my body in new ways. He has a keen eye and intuition that he combines with his dedication to the art and science of the work.

Joseph incorporated scar tissue treatment into our session #12. A once “angry” scar on my nose is now faded and I am able to breathe deeply through my nostrils. Scar tissue treatment for a scar from reconstructive leg surgery is fading but more importantly, I have greater mobility and ease of walking. Joseph worked on the scar tissue from a 3 hour abdominal surgery I had in the 80’s. I regained skin sensation and abdominal muscles can now engage. I can begin to work on strengthening my core and feel a whole body connection from upper body to lower body.

I am a 2009 Boston Marathon finisher but had a relapse of post polio symptoms after running the marathon. I thought that I would never return to the roads but as a result of my work with Joseph, I am training for my first event in two years enjoying every step of the journey armed with a new knowledge and awareness of moving with ease and freedom in my body.

-M.M., MSW
August 2013