Integrative Aerial Yoga

Joanna Keseberg Welch offers classes and teacher trainings in Integrative Aerial Yoga.

Regular classes are available at Juniko Fitness in Hanover, Sanctuary Studios in Plymouth, and Marilexei Studio in Scituate.
Monthly workshops are offered at South Boston Yoga.
Teacher training is offered at Sanctuary Studios in Plymouth, MA.

Please emailĀ  with any questions, or to schedule a training at your studio.

About Integrative Aerial Yoga

Integrative Aerial Yoga is a playful, energizing practice that leaves you feeling deeply relaxed, lengthened, integrated and free!

This holistic system incorporates vinyasa yoga and aerial circus conditioning with principles of functional movement and Fascial Fitness to enhance breath, movement, and balance on the mat and through life. Using a low-hanging fabric swing, IAY supports intentional and efficient movement through space, giving rise to greater kinesthetic awareness. Grounded in yoga flows that improve everyday posture and body mechanics, and using the fascial continuities of Anatomy Trains, IAY accesses deep stabilizing muscles that allow the body to find its own organic alignment.

Build heat, strength and flexibility to challenge the entire mindbody naturally, functionally, and playfully!

“I feel really tall. Really stretched out, and like I used a lot of deep muscles.”

“This has totally realigned my body. It has really changed my regular yoga practice.”

“Thank you for the invitation to play and feel freedom.

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had in a yoga class!”