KMI Advanced 4 Series

KMI“Change your body about your mind.”

The Advanced Series is designed to be undertaken about 6 months after the primary KMI 12 session series has been completed.  This delay respects the body’s natural rate of fascial remodeling (the half-life of fascia is about 6 months).

Tom Myers has eloquently describe this process of integration and change after the 12 Series as the “compound essence of time”. When the time is right for you, the Advanced series allows us an opportunity to revisit some parts of the work that are especially relevant to your body’s patterns, address issues that have persisted or developed in the meantime, as well as continue the process of finding health, balance, and resilience in the entire body’s system.

Session #1

The first session is centered around the pelvis and lower body, seeking to align and free the leg in its function of  support during standing and walking

Session #2

The second session is centered around the rib cage and breathing, bringing the breath deeper into a more inclusive response the entire torso.

In the ideal, an easy breath would find response in the gliding of each of the ribs, the gliding of the organs in concert with the respiratory diaphragm, and hinges of the spine so balanced that the back muscles do not have to over-engage to keep the spine balanced while breathing.

Session #3

The third session is centered around the shoulders and arms, which links us to the rest of the body from the head and neck down to the pelvis, and all along the ribs and spine and in between. In the advanced series, the arm session can take you beyond the confines of the Arm Lines themselves to the support offered to and by the shoulder srructure to the rest of the body.

In a balanced body, the weight of the arms does not impede breathing or neck movement, and the arms feel light and ready to move.

Session #4

The fourth session is an individually tailored head and spine session designed to balance the head and spine within the easy ligamentous slings we have worked with te previous three sessions.

In this session we are looking for the unfolding of bends, rotations in the spine as well as freeing the adjascent vertebrae from movement limitations with each other. Like in session #8 of the basic series we will address issues of the jaw and head.