Visceral Manipulation and (some of) its Benefits

The results of Visceral Manipulation are incredibly profound. And yet, I find it’s one of the hardest to understand the potential benefits of before receiving this type of work.
There’s actually a scientific reason for this!
Muscles are controlled by the Somatic Nervous System. Organs are controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System. Issues and restrictions in the organs we tend to feel as non-localized, non-specific sensations. Sometimes this can be an ache, or just a general feeling of limitation of movement. It stays under the level of consciousness.
On the other hand, we’re usually well aware of sensations in the Somatic Nervous System, be that the sensation of touch, a “tight” muscle, or a stitch in your side from running.

I’m sharing this particular example (with permission of course), because while the results and ramifications of Visceral Manipulation extend well beyond the organs themselves, it’s helpful to have an example of what that actually means.

Mary McManus shares her experience of receiving a session of Visceral Manipulation.

A couple days later she emailed me to tell me how this was settling into her body. She’s training for a 5k, so has been running frequently.
The IT band and hamstring issues that had been creating pain down her leg were gone.

We did not work with her IT band, or even her leg, at all!
Through releasing restrictions within the organ system, and between the organs and their surroundings, the whole body is able to work together more cooperatively and freely. This particular issue, that remained unresolved after other approaches, was able to finally resolve with Visceral work.


Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5k Fun Run! Saturday 9/29

Joseph and Joanna Welch of Boston Integrated Body will be available to talk with runners at the Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5k Fun Run on September 29th about injury prevention.
They’ll be offering personalized postural analysis with tips on how to stretch, when to stretch, and what to stretch in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries and increase ease of movement. They will also give specific instructions on how to get the most out of your foam roller, as well as education on its limitations, based on the latest research in understanding the body in motion.

You can register for the race at
You can also volunteer for the race, or just come down to cheer folks on!


Changing Direction Radio Show


Next week, on Wednesday 9/11, one our clients, Mary McManus, will be a guest on Michele Rosenthal’s radio show Changing Directions.
This episode will be on “9/11 & The Boston Bombings: Finding Resilience After Trauma.”

Mary will be speaking from both her personal and professional background, including the role that KMI Structural Integration has played in her own healing process. Check out her bio for details about Mary!

The show will begin at 2pm, and you can listen to the whole show over the internet.

4/13 – Flexibility Training: The Art and Science of Injury Prevention

This workshop will take place at Esh Aerial Arts in Cambridge, MA.
It is geared towards instructors!

We as circus instructors want to help our students progress their skill level, have fun, and stay safe. But when it comes to flexibility as part of a training regimen, science points to some definite do’s and don’ts. We used to believe that stretching was categorically good for preventing injuries, and then we learned that was actually false. Now we have more information than ever on how to keep bodies safe and healthy while performing at a fairly high level.
In this workshop we’ll discuss some of the newest science on the properties of connective tissue, some leading concepts in the world of stretching for athletes, and what simple things we can do to help our students become more flexible while minimizing the risk of injury. The workshop will also include:
– sample warmups and stretches with a discussion of the pros and cons
– variations on common stretches that integrate the whole body and help avoid injuries
– detailed stretching techniques for group classes that allow students to progress faster while staying within their safe range of motion

Plus – what to do in special cases, and opportunity for questions about specific issues you’ve encountered.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to ensure that you are there on time!
Course notes will be handed out, but a notebook and writing implement is recommended.
Please wear clothing that you can stretch and move in.

To sign up, follow this link.

Special Class – Clearing the Carpal Tunnel

Joanna will be teaching a special class with Herbalist Ryn Midura at Commonwealth Herbs – Clearing the Carpal Tunnel.

The class includes easy movement modifications to help keep your tissues happy and healthy, specific stretches for the unique anatomy of the carpal area, plus topical herbal treatments and medicinal teas for both prevention and healing.

Full information is here.

Tom Myers workshop – Flying Through Gravity

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m hosting Tom Myers for a workshop on Anatomy Trains, fascial anatomy, and fascial fitness as it applies to circus and related arts – aerial acrobatics, partner acro, contact improv, Acro Yoga, and more!
The workshop is aimed at instructors, but advanced students are very welcome.

Full course description here.