Structural Integration

KMI Structural Integration is a series of sessions, where each
session builds on the last. We assess posture and gait patterns to trace sources of mechanical stress and strain. Areas of restriction are then resolved, through a combination of hands on work and specifically-targeted movement cues.

In Structural Integration, we assess tension and compression within the body.  Imbalances lead to areas where the body can no longer compensate for the forces being placed on it. Chronic pain or discomfort is a common result, but the area of pain is rarely the root of the actual problem.  Structural Integration addresses the fascia, or connective tissue, that supports and shapes all the body’s cellular tissues (muscle, bone, organ, vascular, and nerve). The fascia contains many receptors that tell our body where it is in space, and thus contributes heavily to our postural and movement patterns. Imbalance in fascial tensions can result in chronic or recurrent pain or injury.  Structural Integration addresses these imbalances.

In the following clip from Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau’s groundbreaking film Strolling Under the Skin, you can see the fluid and shifting nature of the fascia.

At the end of each session, based on the session’s findings and results, you can expect to be given movement and postural suggestions for your daily life. Whenever possible, this advice is geared towards simply being incorporated into activities you are already doing.
Learn more about the KMI 12 Series.

The Advanced Series and Continuing Work

After you’ve completed the initial 12 Series and are interested in more work, there are options available to you for continued work.

1. Individual Sessions
You can come in periodically for individual sessions. These will be targeted towards any changes or symptoms that have come up for you recently. Although these sessions are geared directly towards current symptoms, assessment is still holistic. We work with you to unravel the whole-body pattern that contributes to those symptoms.

2. KMI Advanced Series
The Advanced Series is a series of four sessions.  

3. KMI 12 Series
The KMI 12 Series can be undertaken many times.  It is recommended that you allow 6 months or more between each full series, as the body continues to change and adjust after the final session.
Just as each session is unique to the individual, each series is also unique. Your next series will be a different experience from the last.